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Title:Dark Witness (One World)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Ralph Wiley
Publisher:One World/Ballantine
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:352

Dark Witness (One World) by Ralph Wiley

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Dark Witness (One World) You can find in a text whatever you bring if you will stand between it and the mirror of your imagination Yes take it all around there is quite a good deal of information in the book I regret this very much but really it could not be helped Mark Twain Like his literary forebears Frederick Douglass James Baldwin Ralph Ellison and yes Mark Twain Ralph Wiley has some information to purvey The news is not always good But with Wiley s electrifying take on subjects from the black intelligentsia to The Bell Curve to O J Dark Witness is certain to outrage entertain and ultimately enlighten The titles of his chapters say it all One Day When I Was On Exhibit Why Black People Are So Stupid Why Niggers Steal Are Violent and Stay on Welfare Where Negroes Got All That Rhythm Whoopi Do and Hughes Sin and Juice Behind the explosive flash of these phrases simmer the intense honesty and searing self reflection of a man burning for justice Taking to heart Douglass s words that it is not light that is needed but fire not the gentle shower but thunder Wiley heir to the long tradition of writer as activist examines some of the most hotly debated issues of black life today and turns them inside out Affirmative action Many times it seemed the worst black candidates were chosen in hopes that they would fail People talked about increased productivity but often they meant in the personal sense When others succeeded or produced they felt lessened it is human nature to feel this but for a white man to feel inferior to a black in America causes instant insanity O J Simpson Now I ve heard it said that The Juice owing to his choices in women and habitat wanted to be white A bigger crock of crap I ve never heard Juice made whites feel comfortable with his kind of blackness He didn t want to be white He wanted to be privileged And he was Huck Finn There s a Mark Twain Middle School not three miles from my base camp An administrative aide there a black man had wanted to delete any reference to that archaic contemporary word nigger from Twain s book the one place where such copious use of the word in society was first best put in perspective where it was used to describe a condition where it reflected on the speaker not the subject There is not one usage of nigger in Huck Finn that I consider inauthentic and I am hard to please that way No one writing today has the incisiveness the fire to dissect the world the way Ralph Wiley does In Dark Witness he proves once again that he is one the most gifted writers chronicling life in the crucible that is late twentieth century America .

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